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    “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that is in the right and keeps on a-comin’.” Captain Bill McDonald, Texas Ranger.

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    Monday, August 29, 2005

    God Bless the Military

    I have had overwhelming response to my last post. The feedback has been the same from work, church, friends and family. They all want me to pray specifically for our military. I do all the time. This post is for our Warriors. I really hope it makes it to some folks in little camouflage hats. I really want them to know how much this Texan loves them.

    Righteous Father who makes nations rise and fall, you give us power we cannot imagine. You give boys the power to bring down Giants. You give wanderers without a country the power to bring down walls with a trumpet blast. You blessed them at Jericho and turned away from them at Ai. You are the One who decides the battle. Your angels defend us from the evil powers of this world.

    Lord, you did not turn away from Washington when he was unscathed while his clothes were bullet ridden. You blessed our marines in Tripoli ridding the world of the Corsairs’ tyranny. You blessed small groups of freedom fighters to defeat the world’s largest army in Texas. You blessed us to defeat fascism and communism in lands around the world.

    We understand that You have been with us because we served Your good purpose. You establish all authority and can use it as a tool of Your wrath. You will use the military of sinful nations for the good of Your Will. We are not worthy yet You bless us with victory anyway. No nation on Earth deserves your favor. So we commit to doing what is right. We do not take to battle for conquest so we will ask your blessings as our military defends the life, liberty and property of those You love around the world.

    Bless the American Military my King. Make their hearts pure. Make their minds wise. Make their backs strong. Make their feet swift. Make their aim true. Deliver the enemy into their hands. Bless the sailor who controls the tomahawk. Bless the Marine who drives the Tank. Bless the SEAL who braves the icy waters and the ranger swinging from the rope. Bless the airman that delivers destruction to those who destroy the innocent. Bless the infantry man as he protects the convoy. Bless the green beret as he teaches folks to defend themselves. Bless the wounded and ones who carry them. Bless them all my Lord. Bless the American warrior.

    Give the American military the strength to deliver the rights that You bestow to us.
    Your grateful servant in the Big White Hat.