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    “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that is in the right and keeps on a-comin’.” Captain Bill McDonald, Texas Ranger.

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    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    a little prayer for America

    Almighty King, You created the universe and every detail in it.  You are the source of every good thing.  You have blessed my country with wealth beyond any nation since Solomon.  The Greeks, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Babylonians and the Mongols never could have dreamed of the wealth and power you have given my country.

    Yet, we don’t see this.  We live in this splendor with no regard for You.  We enjoy the freedom that having no other king but Christ affords.  Yet, we do not thank You.  Among our people are those who hate You and want to remove Your very name from everything good and pure about America.  We mock Your graciousness with licentiousness. Our misconduct is intense.

    Oh Lord, do not remove Your blessings from America.  Consider the good we still can do in this world.  Consider how our war on terror will open parts of the world to Your good teaching.  Use us to knock down the walls and open the doors for the Gospel and the free practice of Christianity.  Use this sinful nation to defeat those who slay your children and sell them into slavery.  Use us to stamp out the murderers who target the innocent.

    Murderers stand against the new nations of Iraq and Afghanistan.  They wish to make these nations return to the control of men who oppress in name of righteousness.  These imposters persuade gullible people to wrath by sighting my countries sins and twisting our good deeds to sound like sins.  They are self-righteous accusers who hide their fascism behind Islam.  They wear the robes of holy men but are dead inside.  Death and destruction follow them like a dark cloud.

    Many in my country are losing heart and giving up.  They stand against doing what is right even invoking Your name to their cause.  They embolden murderers and slander the righteous.  Lord give comfort to America that we will not lose our courage.

    America’s military is protecting the freedom nations around the world in hope that free people won’t make war against each other. In Kosovo we join many nations to prevent war.  In Germany we insure that Europe is safe from those who would destroy it.  In Iraq and Afghanistan we protect the fledgling governments who are opening their wings before us.  God, bless our military to do these things well.  Shower Your blessing on the Iraqi and Afghan people that they continue in their progress.

    Lord, bless all the freedom fighters in the war on terror.  Help their minds to be sharp, their feet to be swift and their courage to be powerful.  Keep them safe.  Deliver their enemies into their hands.  

    I ask for all of this inasmuch as it is Your will.
    Your lowly servant in the Big White Hat.