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    “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that is in the right and keeps on a-comin’.” Captain Bill McDonald, Texas Ranger.

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    Good guys wear white hats. And they never run out of bullets.

    Saturday, January 07, 2006

    Hmmm. What to do about these MeMes?

    Some time ago, Jeff relieved me of all meme obligations. Lately both Rebecca and Shannon have tagged me. I have decided to exercise my meme immunity. Yet I really like Rebecca and Shannon so I want to do something.

    Here is my idea. I will list a few meme type things, tag no one and call it all good.

    First this was the meme that Jeff thought was too much.

    Now let us move on to a few things about the little fella in the big white hat:

    Yes, I do have a Texas flag hanging over my headboard.

    It is a Stetson Ruidoso. The Straw hat (above) is a Morcon.

    I listen to many kinds of music. Rush was my favorite band growing up.

    I have not had a favorite color in years.

    The best TV show ever was “Have Gun Will Travel”

    I haven’t read fiction in years.

    The cut of steak depends on the steak house. I always order Medium Rare.

    Chicken Fajitas are not really Fajitas. “Fajitas” means skirt steak.

    The most beautiful sight I ever saw was my Wife in a denim dress.

    The sunset you see from the highway between Odessa and Andrews Texas is the crowning glory of God’s green Earth.

    I have read everything known to be written by Shakespeare, Twain and Kipling.

    I use the New American Standard far more than other versions of the Bible.

    The only Blog I read every day without fail is Think Sink.