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    “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that is in the right and keeps on a-comin’.” Captain Bill McDonald, Texas Ranger.

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    Monday, October 10, 2005

    State Fair

    We enjoyed the Texas State Fair today. It was a beautiful October evening, cloudy and cool. We have done this twice now as a family and I think I have it figured out.

    First, buy the wife a Margarita on the first stop. I have yet to do this correctly but there is always next year.

    The livestock is always a big kick for me. We went to the pig pen. It made the kids go, “eeew!” It made Echo homesick. We saw some fine Brahmas. I love to touch the cows at show. Their hair feels so smooth and clean. Alex is amazed by the hump on a Brahma. The stables at Fair Park include the police stables. The Dallas cops love mixed horses. They are usually some mammoth mix like Belgian and Quarter. One of them looked to be 18 hands high.

    Echo and Alex rode the Texas Star. It is a huge ferris wheel.

    Then of course came the food. We all had Fletcher’s Corny Dogs. Mine was jalapeño and cheese. Fantastic. If that was not enough fried food, Echo and I shared a piece of fried cheesecake. I also had a slice of chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick. Tasty.

    Tiger spent a lot of time trying to get away from me. Zoe hit her head on a light pole. Alex came through unscathed. It rained on us a little. Everybody complained about the rain but I really enjoyed it. Of course I was wearing a hat and they weren’t.

    Sorry but Echo controlled the camera so I didn’t get any pictures of her.

    I really enjoy the state fair but it leaves me nostalgic for the Ector County Fair back home. We were usually exhibitors there. My folks would work the booth while I was able to go all over. Being there every day meant I watched the entire battle of the bands every year. It meant I was able to eat every thing that I cared to. It meant I was able to spend a lot of time with people I knew better. It was pretty special. I just don’t thing anything could be that good again.

    So today I went to the state fair. It was great. But tonight I’m going back home. And I will be 13 years old again. I will eat mesquite cooked fajitas and funnel cakes. And I will listen to my brother’s rock and roll band play. Then when I wake up, I’ll get back to loving life in the present.