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    “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that is in the right and keeps on a-comin’.” Captain Bill McDonald, Texas Ranger.

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    Monday, December 05, 2005

    What about Santa?

    Cheryl recently posed a question on her blog. She asked, “If I spilled the beans about Santa, would that make me a bad parent?? What fantastic subject matter!

    When I was a young parent I really had to give this careful consideration. Early on as a young know it all parent, I felt that fantasy was not a good thing. I didn’t want to tell my children that Santa was real then change later. I felt this gave me a credibility problem when it came to teaching that God is real.

    My mother prolonged the fantasy for as long as it could last. I caught my parents when I was 7 but kept up the charade until they wouldn’t buy it anymore. So I guess we all put on an act for years. And, why not? It was fun.

    So my parents think fantasy is important for children. They feel not having the fantasy is bad for the kids. I typically follow their example. But this is a little different. Starting with Alex we gradually let the children know more about the legend and where it came from. I think Alex still enjoys the fantasy knowing that it is fantasy. Zoe thinks Santa is absolutely real. Tiger doesn’t talk so we don’t have any idea what he thinks. This is all just fine with me.

    Over the years, God sees fit to impart wisdom right across my hiney. It hurts but, I do get a little smarter as we go. A few of these spankings have led me to get closer to Santa. I teach my children about Nicolas of Antioch and the legendary Santa too. You see I completely believe in the reality of Santa Claus.

    Santa may not actually fly in a sleigh but, he works overtime to afford a Rapunzell Barbie that cost too much and gets abused. Santa helps his children get the grandchildren gifts that young parents can’t afford. Santa stocks the shelves amid the madness. Santa puts together toys and clothes for poor children all over a small West Texas town. Santa sends truckloads of presents to children in the Rio Grande Valley Colonias who are experiencing their first American Christmas. Santa sends shoe box presents to Turkish children who lost their whole world in an earthquake. From my perspective, Santa does a good job.

    Santa doesn’t ask for a thank you. He does his magic and skips out of town faster than the lone ranger. Santa is the purest giver. He gives never expecting gratitude.

    Do I believe in Santa Clause? I don’t just believe. I happen to know him personally.